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Ray Eklund

What Do You Think Wyoming Dinosaurs Sold For In 1930... Now You Will Know.

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Ray Eklund

The Wyoming Geological Survey in 1930 printed Bulletin 22 titled The Dinosaurs of Wyoming.

The title may be a bit misleading. The majority of the bulletin concerns everything... but... Wyoming Dinosaurs. The Triceratops were well known from Converse County, Lance Creek, Wyoming, close to Lusk, and a nice USGS Monograph 49, 1907 titled Ceratopsia is a classic on this area. Some horn tips were found in the Denver, Colorado area before many people were familiar with them and thought they were from fossil Bison.

Como Bluffs and Bone Cabin are also a couple of well known Jurassic dinosaur quarried areas of Wyoming in Carbon and Albany Counties, Wyoming.

The bulletin is a pretty good, written for the curious and not for the academic. The part that no body understands is that Dinosaurs were still popular and museums wanted one or more for themselves. I scanned the last page out of the paper, page 114 with sales prices of some dinosaurs.

Want to learn more about Wyoming's Dinosaurs? Wyoming Geological Association 44th Annual Field Conference Guidebook 1994- The Dinosaurs of Wyoming edited by Gerald E. Nelson.



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Thanks for this one, Ray.

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