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Fossils In Arkansas

dale carter

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dale carter

i will be in ark next week at the diamond park and would like to look for fossils near by, i have a week to do this any help as to where to go . thanks

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Hello Dale,

I'm not familiar with the area, but I can aid in research of the areas - Diamond Crater Park is located in Pike County.

Here is a County map of Arkansas.

If you go to this website, and cross reference counties near Pike county on the county map, you should come up with some likely areas - just remember this info is old, and may no longer be relevant.

Obviously you were looking for proven sites and help from Arkansas members, but failing that, this might be a good fall back plan. :)

Hope this has been helpful.


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I know his trip is over, but you can go to Arkansas Tourism, not sure if it is .com or .org google it. It should bring up all you need to know about vacationing in the Ozareks. Beautiful land lots of stuff to do here. Awesome state. I live on a branch of Crowley's Ridge, I find agates, geodes and some crystals on our property. I don't know anyone who has found a diamond at the diamond mines, but I know people who have been and they had a great time. I am going, just do not know when. Maybe this year. I went to Mystic Caverns last year. Awesome. 55 all year so take a jacket, even in July. There are more caverns in the Ozarks. I would recommend this state for a vacation.

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