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Turritella gradata/ T. aquitanica

"Florianer Schichten" of the Styrian Basin, Austria (Miocene - Badenian)

Höllerkogel hill, St. Josef, Styria, Austria

Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria


A few weeks ago, M. Harzhauser asked for a high-resolution photo of this gastropod. I thought, it could be better studied in person, so I donated it.

This is my first fossil donation to a museum and the only T. g/a I have found so far.

Its the left one, there is also an extraordinary abundant T. partschi in the same specimen (the right one).

Hight of both gastros is about 22 mm, specimen collected in June 2017.

Attached is also the email correspondence.

Franz Bernhard



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Dave (POM) Allen
On 5/22/2015 at 12:02 AM, Dave (POM) Allen said:

heres a link to one of the many fossils that i have donated over the years. all from Taranaki, New Zealand, Tangahoe, formation, Pliocene age


also this seabird that is at TePapa and is in the process of being named after me


UPDATE: Here's the paper of this fossil named after me Ardenna davealleni if anybody is interested.

A new species of Pliocene shearwater(Aves: Procellariidae) from New Zealand

Ardenna davealleni Tennyson & Mannering, 2018.pdf

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