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Cretaceous Sites In England With Reworked Jurassic Animals

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A forthcoming paper on the largest specimen of Dakosaurus from the UK (Young et al. in press) mentions a number of Dakosaurus specimens found in the Woburn Sands Formation, which leads me to suspect that a number of loose Lower Greensand sediments in SE england may have specimens reworked from Late Jurassic sediments. Are there any other Cretaceous sediments in England that have yielded fossils reworked from Jurassic sediments?

Young MT, Steel L, Rigby MP, Howlett EA, Humphrey S. (In press). Largest known specimen of the genus Dakosaurus (Metriorhynchidae: Geosaurini) from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Late Jurassic) of England, and an overview of Dakosaurus specimens discovered from this formation (including reworked specimens from the Woburn Sands Formation). Historical Biology.

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Indeed there are. There is a unit of the Greensand called the Faringdon Sponge Gravels.

“The rocks are around 115 million years old (Cretaceous period) and were deposited in a valley in the sea floor during a storm. The rocks contain a number of superbly preserved fossils including the famous sponges. There are also lots of other sea animals preserved including ammonites, echinoids, brachiopods and bryozoa. Some Jurassic dinosaur and plesiosaur remains have also be found at Coxwell Pit. These would have been derived from the older Jurassic sediments probably also as a result of the storms.”

Other information here: Faringdons Fossils - Information.pdf

Here is a derived Jurassic plesiosaur vertebra from the Cretaceous Greensand now in my collection; sadly the quarries have all been closed and collecting can no longer take place.


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