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Collecting Guidelines For Minnesota?

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As I look into making some trips to collect fossils this summer, I just wanted to get an idea on what the legal guidelines and limitations were around collecting. I know you cant collect in State Parks, but what about city/municipal parks and preserves? I searched online and couldnt find much one way or the other. A number of state Agencies put out collecting "Guides" that specifically call out locations that are good for "collecting fossils" and these often include parks, but the only location mentioned that required a permit was Lilydale (which of course is closed). I just dont want to wander into a city park and get arrested for picking up a pocket full of loose fossils! I didnt know if this fell under the "no one cares as long as you arent being stupid and carrying out truck loads of material and then selling it" or "we search pockets and throw you people in jail".

Also, what are the guidelines for road cuts? I assume there is an easement on the shoulders of most roads that includes the cut, but is it still legal to hunt there or is it frowned upon?

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You should probably contact that state's department of transportation or whatever governing body oversees the highways.

Laws change from state to state, and it's probably best to get all of your information first-hand.

Here is a contact page for the Minnesota DOT.

If in doubt you could contact the state police and see what they have to say about it.

Also, you might check with the EPA or the Minnesota Geological Survey to clarify your understanding of collecting laws in Minnesota.

The onus is on you as the collector to figure out what the guidelines/laws governing fossil collecting in your area are.


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