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Macroneuropteris Wikipedia Article

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Wikipedia did not have a page for Macroneuropteris.

So, I've been working in my spare time on writing that article. Finally got to the point of publishing it on wikipedia.


It still needs some work but I thought it was close enough to 'go live'. Since it was my first major article created from scratch on wikipedia, I wanted it to be as comprehensive as possible. However, there is always more that could have been added :)

Let me know what you think or if you see any glaringly wrong parts.


I also did a major update to the page for Psaronius. Previously it had been only one sentence.


And added small stub pages for Essexella and Peachocaris.



Let me know if you see anything wrong on these pages as well. Or I should add...you can simply edit these pages yourselves as well.

So.... anyone else added stuff to wikipedia?

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Good job!

I haven't thought of adding any articles to wikipedia, but now that I've seen this thread, I ask myself "why not share my knowledge with others?"

Now to create an account!

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Its my first forray into Wikipedia. Kind of fun to add your own little mark to it.

Many areas of Paleontology are certainly in need of some help on there.

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That's a far more thorough treatment than most genera get on Wikipedia! Kudos.

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I like the enhancing of a public resource. Good work.

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Well done!

Nice to see some of our Members adding to the collective knowledge.


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