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Heading To Western Side Of Michigan And Would Love To Look For Fossils

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My 14 year old and I are going to be in Michigan in Late September. We will be staying near Lake Michigan, first in Dune Acres/Valporaiso, IN then in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor for a few days. After that, we are headed to East Jordan in the Lake Charlevoix area. I don't think we will make over to Alpena but might end up near Mackinaw City to visit the fort, again.

We live in Seacliff/Aptos, CA so of our beach fossils are Pleistocene, lots of whale bones and bivalves. He loves trilobites and other early critters so we are pretty excited about our upcoming visit.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. We read the posts here and they have been very helpful.



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if you could head to the Warren Dunes or any of the beaches close to it, crinoid fragments are plentiful in the shallows where the waves toss the beach glass and stones, plus it's fun to swim and is very beautiful. See if you think it reminds you of the ocean. It's under an hour from Valparaiso and in the neighborhood of Benton Harbor, etc. At the state park, there is a schedule when guides give interpretive talks. The man who has done the fossil ones for years is worth a listen.


Good hunting,


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Thank you, Penny, for the suggestion and wonderful link!

Until I was 9 I lived in Dunes Acres, IN and when I was 19-21 I lived in Stevensville, MI and NEVER thought to look for fossils at the beach. It wasn't until my son fell in love with Paleontology that I started looking at the world in this new way. We are big fans of invertebrates so we look forward to combing the beach on our upcoming trip.

I think what is startling to me about swimming in Lake Michigan now is that I expect it to be salty...heh heh.


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