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Some New Fossils

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I´ve bought some new fossils the last few months, and thought that i would make a topic of some of them, so here they are:

Here´s a shark tooth from Morocco:

A quite large mosasaur tooth from Khourigba, belonging to Liodon anceps:

Here´s a swedish trilobite, Asaphus expansus, it´s not in great condition but these are quite rare on the market anyway and there is something special about owning fossils depicting the prehistory of your own country:

Here´s some Oviraptor eggshell fragments, its not an egg, but i like them anyway:

Here´s my new favourite fossil, a beautiful piece of rock featuring two complete Elrathia kingii aswell as at least 4 damaged specimens:

So yup, that´s my newest additions to the growing collection :)

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Well done :)

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