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Please Help Craft New Guidelines

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Mike from North Queensland

Reading Mike Pocock's post I must agree a series of drop down or tick boxes would get the most information out of the poster new or otherwise, along with some free hand boxes where additional information is known or "assumed". Remember if a poster is putting an object forward, they are wanting to learn in most cases. As the forum caters for all levels of knowledge we need to adopt the KISS type principal (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Mike D'Arcy

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Quite often, inquiries are made about an object that the poster is not even sure is a fossil. In these generic cases, the most helpful information to present is bright, sharp images from all angles, with something for scale and measurements, along with the location of the find (including the circumstances [loose in a stream, dug from an intact formation]), and what else was present.

IMHO, you said it all right there! It is clear, concise and to the point. Although, I do see the value in having a separate, easy-to-locate "Tips for photographing your fossil" guideline or giving more detailed "Tips" at the end of the guidelines. I have noticed that most of the fossil id posts are from Newbies, some of which are kids. If you make things too complicated newbies could be intimidated or just won't read them.

For years I wrote technical manuals and construction specifications for a living. I was taught the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) and it worked well for me. I also believe in the old saying that "a picture worth a thousand words." So showing sample photos would be helpful. As a fairly new member to the forum, the hardest thing for me to figure out was how to post more photos when asked or when I felt it necessary to include more views. Perhaps include a line as follows:

If you have exceeded the 2M limit for photos in your initial post, and you would like to attach photos of additional views, this can be accomplished by replying to your initial post. Simply select the "More Reply Options" button on the bottom left of the "Reply to this topic" frame. Choosing "More Reply Options" will bring up a new frame with an option at the bottom that will allow you to attach an additional 2M worth of photos.


Since I hadn't finished reading all the posts before I posted, I just want to say that I completely agree with the Mikes (Pocock and D'Arcy). I'm glad they teach the KISS method in Australia too! To his other point, initially, I didn't realize you had to check a box to follow your own post. This definitely should default to "on." When I didn't see an email for a week, I decided to look back at the site to see if I did something wrong. There were quite a few responses (including some questions), and then I saw that I wasn't following my own post!

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I use an app called Afterlight on my phone to scale down images for the size requirement. As long as I convert the image to 'medium' or 'small' it works every time, and I can upload as many as I want. I know that's not technically a best practice, but it's a helpful tip!

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