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The Paleozoic Fishes Of North America

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I just got finished working on this PDF file.

It's a PDF of "The Paleozoic Fishes of North America" by John Strong Newberry from 1889. It is in two parts; text and plates.

There are some versions on the Internet but none are really in complete or presentable form. One "good" version is missing a lot of the picture plates because the compilers chose to export as one small page size and so picture plates are chopped in half or totally missing.

Another web version is just raw scans of the pages with no color filtering meaning the pages are all dark orange and low contrast.

My version combines the relative clean text of one version with color corrected plates of the other version. I also took the time to manually crop and reframe all the pages so it prints comfortably on regular 8x11 paper. The originals had the text hugging the left margin (not good for putting in a binder) and the paper was too tall.

While I did do an OCR scan I have not manually checked the text which would take days and days given all the scientific words not in the dictionary. The other drawback is the scale on the pictures is kinda useless since some of the plates were originally twice as big (foldouts) as what they are here.

I figure anyone using this for an ID will go to the picture plates and the index anyways. Right-click and "save as / save link as" to avoid loading these large PDFs into the browser.


http://www.northtexasfossils.com/pdfs/PaleozoicFishes-text.pdf (11 meg)

http://www.northtexasfossils.com/pdfs/PaleozoicFishes-plates.pdf (30 meg)

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Holy Mackerel (no pun intended)!

What a gigantic undertaking; thank you, on behalf of fossil fish heads everywhere. :)

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Thank you, Lance!!

Great job! - You Rock!


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What a wonderful resource. Thank you so much for all the time you spent on this. Your pdf files look great. Thanks for sharing your files. Awesome.

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