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There was march of 2012. My mom, dad and brother went to near-city limestone quarry for a walk and for the fossil hunting. Unfortunately I worked that day and did not join them. Lady Luck smiled to that group of amateurs and they found something really special not only for us, but for the all region. In the white chalk wall appeared a little top of the brown claw. The “work time” became for their hammers. After few hammer stomps a part of the wall showed them their treasure, that was buried about 80 mln years ago. It was a few pieces of ancient bones. In that time nobody of us could understand what it is and nobody believed that it is possible for usual family like we are. Because not so much parts of fossil reptiles in our regions was found.

Great thanks to the specialists who helped our family with determination.

This publication was placed on regional forum, but I decided to show you our great find and share the joy and positive emotions with you.

Crimea, Sevastopol, Balaclava, piedmont of Zagaytanskaya rock. 44°35'41''N; 33°37'17''E .

Mesozoic Era, Upper Cretaceous series, Maastrichtian

Founders Pologov V.I., Pologova N.I., Pologov S.V.

Considering configurations of bones and their relative position in the rock- that bones are fragments of mosasaurus left and right sides of upper and lower jaws.

Dimensions: lesser part: 6x8 cm, biggest 10x11 cm.

It is interesting that dental alveolus arranged in pairs. Near the bigger external alveole, smaller internal. Dimensions of claws in that alveolus differs respectively.

Claws a little bit curved. Sectional round-shaped, empty inside. Longitudinal striations. Cutting edges are on the fore and aft parts of the claw.

Near that fragments of jaws there was concentration of some chitinous flakes (scales). Their attachment did not defined yet.










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Certainly an exciting find! Congratulations.

(Please note that the word "claw", in your post and photos, should be "tooth".)

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Very good reason for an excited family! Congratulations! Like John mentioned, for the sake of correctness it should read "tooth" and not "claw".

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