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Fossilized Dinosaur Egg Id Needed


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The picture i have posted below is a fossilized dinosaur egg cut in half. Beautiful fossilized inside yoke. Unfortunetly only have pictures of half of the egg. And im not sure on age or what species this may be from.

Any ideas?

The piece showing measures approximately 3 1/2" long, and about 4" x 3" measuring the yoke part showing.

Any information you can provide is much appreciated!







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This is a product of geology, not a dinosaur egg. One of the names these go by is "Thunder Egg", a nod to its egg-like appearance.

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Sorry, No dinosaur egg.

Very nice "Thunder-egg", though.

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(uh, oh... here we go again). I agree witht he others.. this is not a dinosaur egg. Dinosaur eggs rarely have any internal 'egg' structure. What they DO have is an actual eggshell, which I don;t see in this one. Consider this... if that is indeed very nicely preserved yolk in the middle, what are all the other smaller things around it that look just like smaller yolks?

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That's a really attractive thunder egg. I'd be happy to own one like that. Thanks for posting it.

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nice thunder egg, even better than the ones we collect locally here in queensland, australia, we rarely find them completely solid, we usually find them with a jagged cavity in the middle,

ps - i had a bit of a chuckle at your question (sorry, no offence meant),

"what would the inside of a dinasoar egg look like" ?

sounds like a funny riddle . . .

wonder what the answer would be ?

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What would the inside of a dinosaur egg look like?

To have an "inside," a fossil dinosaur egg would have to have resisted crushing - many haven't. But given that, and you have a relatively uncrushed egg, they are normally filled with sediment, crystals, or in rare cases a partial void. In very rare cases they have sediment/crystals and embryonic bones (and in exceptionally rare cases they may even have embryonic skin). But in the minds of dreamers they almost always have embryos, whether they are real fossil eggs or not...

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