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Amphibian, Reptile, Or Just Crabby?


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I just received a small flat-rate box of Jcbshark's (jeff's) World famous cookie cutter matrix today. And I found some free time to sort through it. I found two partial cookie cutter teeth and lots of the same ol' stuff. For some strange reason every time I've sifted this matrix it is filled with Drum teeth, and is surprisingly devoid of the usual suspects....... shark teeth. I also found a few strange pieces that i may ask for help a bit later. And im sorry in advance for the cell phone pics, but the miniature nature of micros/macros pushes the limits of my outdated smartphone.

The spiney texture reminds me of Permian sharks denticles i have found. But obviously this is far from Permian material....

It also looks slightly reptilian/amphibian to me. Idk......?

My gut says crab material.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Scale is in millimeters.





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Those are real nice, Charlie. A good addition to your micro collection.


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Thanks guys. I've learned something new!

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