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Fossil Seed Ferns (Alethopteris Sp.) From St. Clair, Pa.


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Fossil seed ferns (Alethopteris sp.). 300 m.y.o. St. Clair, PA. 185mm.

One of the coolest fossil hunting experiences I’ve had. The amount of detail preserved in these fossils is incredible—some appear as if the leaves had just fallen! Exploring this area was like being transported back in time. Looking at a fossil like the one pictured here, it is not difficult to imagine the ancient carboniferous swamp coming back to life.

For me, fossils are all about stress relief; a sobering—yet comforting—reminder of how briefly we are here, and where our priorities should lie. When I feel overwhelmed, it is relieving to recall how petty our day-to-day struggles are in the grand scheme of things. Life goes on.



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Castle Rock

BEAUTIFUL slab Zach! Had you ben to St. Clair before? I will be in the DC area in early May and I am certainly TEMPTED to visit St. Clair if there is time! Was it difficult to locate the collecting area? I have never been there and I could use some pointers for ANYONE who cares to respond. THANKS! Dave

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Awesome!! I'm planning on heading out there within the next two weeks so I'm glad to see my three hour ride should be worthwhile. Was this the Burma road location?

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For future readers - the St. Clair site is now closed to collecting, patrolled by private security, and criminal trespassing charges pressed.

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Is there public land near by that could be explored?

I've hear of people hunting behind the Walmart and Home Depot on Rte. 61 in the North of St. Clair.

Probably can't dig, but could surface collect.

Make sure to ask permission from the store managers.


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