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Hello everyone,

Archaeological training, when I walk on the beach of Carnon (34) yesterday afternoon, this half vertebra silted next the seashore jumped out at me:

However, ichthyology is not my field, I can not determine the animal.
If someone know, it would be great!
Also, do you think it is old (his red-brown color gives me hope for a fossil)?

Thank you in advance!

PS: Sorry for my approximative english

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Votre Anglais n'est pas trop mal, mais les photos n'ont pas downloade. Voila mon francais... downloade. Et je ne sais pas ou se trouve l'accent aigue sur mon ordi.

translation, more or less: Your English isn't bad but the pix did not download.

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Harry Pristis

The vertebra appears to be a teleost (bony fish) vertebra. Can't tell from an image whether it is a fossil or recent.

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Hello eveybody,

These are new pictures to my vertebra after drying.

Do you have new ideas?

PS: Thank you for your ansers!


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Bony fish vertebra are sometimes identifiable if they have characteristics which make the species unique. I'm not seeing anything I recognize, although fish aren't my area of expertise.

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