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Hello dear forumers!

Yesterday i found something interesting. I think that it is a starfish fragments. It is realy rare for my region. For a years of our hobby we found about 10 pieces at all. Yesterday found about 50 fragments which lay under ground at square about 15x15x10 cm . Some of them layed one after another, but most of it chaotic. At picture 3 and 4 its my vision of how pieces are located one according another.

Is it starfish or ordinary crinoid?

Place: Russia/Crimea/Sevastopol/Balaclava

Time: Jurassic system/Upper Jurassic series/Oxfordian(?)

For the more accurate time determination - photo of belemnite, which i found there.







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Nice finds. It is hard to tell how the starfish looked. It could have long arms like this one from this website:http://41.media.tumblr.com/48400724491243d94451795e7406c990/tumblr_mk5gsh57JK1qhvtr9o1_1280.jpg


or short arms like this fossil one from this website:http://www.chalk.discoveringfossils.co.uk/2metopaster%20hunteri.htm


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Very nice find, Highlander. The ossicles are in great condition. The texture is wonderfully preserved. That would have been a big starfish!

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Somebody can say what type of Starfish is? I think that it is Astropecten sp.

By the way today i had one more trip to that place and find 53 pieces from that same hole AGAIN! And preparing for one or two trips more to finish work and to be sure that all ossicles had removed from the ground, because possible next gale or heavy rain can ruin that place.

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