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Fossil Hunting In Fairfield County/new Haven County


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Anyone know of any sites in ethier Fairfield or New Haven Counties? I know of the New Haven Arkrose but I dont know where you could easily access it. I think there are some places in Bethel too but again I dont know where they are. Quarries or roadcuts would also be helpful.

P.S I know of the link that everyone posts that is a list of sites in CT and that is where I get most of my information from but I think some newer resources would be useful.

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There are many sites in Connecticut,... the issue is that they are all on state or private property. Getting permission to hunt is the toughest part. There is no such thing as "Easy access" here. Road cuts are off limits unless you get permission from the DOT. Quarries are fairly off limits, as well. The insurance risk is too much. The ones I know of that do let people in, only allow groups/clubs in, and they are not in fossiliferous areas of the state, and only minerals are collected there.

The information is out there, it just requires a lot of research and tons of door knocking to ask people for permission. And be prepared to be turned down. Most people do not want other people digging up their property.

Honestly,... it is much easier to head to upstate New York where the fossils are more plentiful and easily accessable collectible.

Good luck.


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