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Fossil Found In Half Moon Bay Property - California


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Hi all ! Thanks for Looking :-) Been a quiet observer on fossil forum for quite sometime... but now ready to reach out to the community for some help and advice on some recent finds. So here goes !

This one has some pretty notable characteristics and I thought someone should be able to pick up on them and help with an id. It was found at my friends house on the coastline of HMB.

Any thoughts?


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In this image particularly:


it looks like a large vertebra centrum.

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Hi Rockchic,

I'm a "local" vertebrate paleontologist, and the researcher who did most of the studies that Coelacanth linked to above. What you've got is the eroded core of a marine mammal skull - the long grooves/ridges are the articular surface for the ascending process of the maxilla onto the frontal bone, and based upon their shape it might be a specimen of the dwarf baleen whale Herpetocetus. The structures that Auspex has pointed out looking like a vertebra are probably parts of the vomer and presphenoid.

I'll PM you to discuss this further. Nice find!

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Gee and here i thought it was an enrolled trilobite. Shows how much i know!( Or don't)

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Hoo-eee, now we're talkin'!

Thanks, Bobby!

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