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Unknown Ordovician Verulam


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Here is one for you knowledgeable folks. The fossil does not actually belong to me .The individual who found this specimen is a very experienced collector and has never seen this one before in either the verulam or the BobCaygeon. It was found last season in either the bottom of the verulam formation or the top of the BobCaygeon Ordovician formation near Brechin, Ontario Canada. We are generally calling this a cystoid or a crinoid. Some thoughts so far are (in order of our thinking)

Balacrinus sp

archeocrinus lacunosus


Rare cystite

Jump in with your thoughts


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In my opinion,could be a Cystoid.I see irregularly arranged numerous plates and a characteristic pore system that pierce them.

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You might be correct on Balacrinus. Here's a side by side comparison:




Hessin, W.A. (2009)

South-Central Ontario Fossils: A Guide to the Ancient Marine Life of the Region.

Cobourg, Ontario, Canada, 286 pp.




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I have the Hessin material and based primarily on that reference Balacrinus was my first choice but there seem to be fewer plates than in Hessin's example. He notes that balacrinus is from the UK and that it is pretty much unknown in North America other than the example, he shows in his book. Archeocrinus is found very close to where this specimen was found hence why it was my second choice..

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