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Places For Trilobites In Northeast Oh?


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Where if any, can I find trilobites in northeast Ohio? I've lived here all my life and I've never encountered any fossils, aside from micro fossils (tiny shell imprints in rocks). I live 45 minutes south of Cleveland, and everything is either private land or farms, fields, or farms (yes there's that many). Also, another thing. I'm a beginning fossil hunter, so I know almost nothing about the hobby. What should I be looking for, what kinds of rock, how do I identify those rocks, and how do I know if I've found an area with fossils?

Not having access to a driver's license yet really hurts me, especially since both my parents are busy often. I've been doing research lately and only the places I can find are along the Rocky-river, and the fossils found there if I'm aware of, are the usual plants, brachiopods and rarely Gyracanthus fish fossils. Gyracanthus is really the only appealing one to me, being a fish with spines, but the chances of finding it are very low.

I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to collect near or on the Rocky River. If you guys know of any good sites that are near my location( especially ones with trilobites), please let me know. I will continue to remain steadfast in my research.



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