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Possible Mammal Jaw Section W/ Teeth From Wyoming Cretaceous


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Hello, here are some not very good pictures of the specimen I think is a section of mammal jaw. From the Mesa Verde formation in Wyoming. The scale is in mm and I will try to get pictures tomorrow with the sunlight, if we have any, supposed to rain all day. Please let me know what you think of this. One tooth is complete but the other has a small piece missing it looks like. I think it is mammal but I am basing that on what the teeth look like (a present day molar in mammals). Thanks!







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Lower jaw... Hard to say of what. Hard to say if it is marsupial (the more common find) or placental. It is missing key bits. Excellent find anyway.

Edit: mammal for sure.

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I'm sure no mammal expert but it look a lot like a Didelphodon jaw fragment I found in the SD Hell Creek last summer:


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