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Nebraska Fossils? Help?

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I live in Omaha, Nebraska and am looking to go fossil hunting soon (possibly tomorrow). I have Schramm Park listed as a place to visit (my Geology Professor recommended it), but I was wondering if there were any other locations in and around the area? The park is located in Gretna, NE, but I was curious if anyone knows of any locations near Ashland, South Bend, Weeping Water, etc.? I have a rock hammer, so I am equipped to be able to split rocks, and would love to be able to find locations to do so.

I have visited a rock quarry in Crescent, IA before, but they are only available on weekends due to blasting. I am probably going with my Dad tomorrow (as long as the weather holds); he works nights and his nights off are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Any recommendations? I hope to find fish and trilobites (which my professor said are found more often south of Omaha), since I have a ton of Brachiopods and other shells already, but I am open to finding plants and other fossils.

I'm just looking for exposures, creeks, or quarries.

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Wondering if you ever found any sites in NE? I am headed out that way in the summer and would love to do some collecting! Please PM me so I don't miss your response. Thanks!

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