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Possible Felidae Ulna Section? Peace River, Fl


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I posted this photos in my "Fossil Finds from the Peace River" thread in Member Collections. PrehistoricFlorida posted a reply in which he questioned the tentative ID I had for the piece, so I decided to repost it here & let all of you have a go at a solid ID on it. :D

From my original post in Member Collections:

"This one I didn't find myself. A rock shop near my job back in Florida had a "bone box" of broken fossil parts from the Peace River that a diver would sell in bulk to the owner. The owner would then resell the parts for $1 per piece. I saw this in the box & thought "That looks odd" & bought it.

Looking through reference books, and talking to Tampa Bay Fossil Club members, we came to the tentative conclusion that it's the proximal end of the ulna of a sabertooth."

A further comment I made on the piece was that the club members also said it was bigger than comparable sabertooth bones they had seen.


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