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Cap Blanc Nez / Gris Nez

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Hello everyone!

First post here, and eager to let you know that I will be going to the Côte d'opale for the fourth time.

The last two trips were dedicated fossil hunting trips, but this one will be a two day trip!

This means that I will have time to look for a lot of fossils and minerals.

I think we'll spend one day on CBN and one on CGN.

However, I hope to get some last minute advice from you guys!

Is there anyone who has found stuff there?
What is the best place to look for trilobites and ammonites? What about minerals?

We are also bringing a sieve, so we will be hunting for shark teeth too! But where should I use it? In the sand? In the little polished stones? Should I dig deep?

Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to TFF,

Try to avoid bringing heavy tools to Cap blanc nez, it is strictly forbidden to collect fossils with a hammer in the cliffs (for obvious reasons)

But recolting fossils on the beach is tolerated by the authorities as long as you don’t use big tools.

Try to look for boulders on the beach with traces of fossils, you can find ammonites, bivalves and sponges in them:

Common ammonites:

- Manteliceras sp.

- Schloenbachia Varians


-Inoceramus sp.

At low tide if you get lucky sometimes you can find Gault clay deposits with fossils in phosphate or pyrite: mostly partial ammonites, sometimes complete ones.

You can also find small ammonites and belemnites in gravel beds on the beach.

Cap gris nez does not contain a lot of fossils, “ La pointe aux oies” is a better place to go for prospection.

Here you can find regular echinoids in the gravel if you are lucky, and bivalves in the grey rocks. Some very big ammonites can be found, but again complete specimens are very rare.

Hope this helps,

Good luck on your field trip.


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Thank you for the information! We did find a few things, including some ammonites!

I'm particulary happy with the two bigger ammonites. I also found a small part of a pyritised ammonite, but it lost its shine on the way home for some reason.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Pn4cg

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The ammonite on the first picture is a Schloenbachia varians.

Seems like a complete specimen to me, if you are confident enough you could try to prep the ammonite.

I had some good success on cleaning them out with simple tools, small hammer, chisels, nails,..

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Thanks! I might try it later. But I'm not sure yet.

Do you think the black stuff in picture number 3 are teeth?

I also believe that the thing in the last picture is a piece of fish. It's roundshaped, and has a skin like texture.

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no they are not teeth, the black pieces ar phosphate nodules, they might have been fossil remains but they are roled down by the erosion on the beach.

The black spiraled one is the inner mould of a gasteropod

The fossil on the last picture is a fossil sponge.



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