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New Fossil Hunter

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Normally when I go to the beach its to have fun in the sand, get some shells and be on my way. I never took the time to think about what is out there just waiting to be found.

I happen to come across a few shark teeth and what I believe is a piece of spine and fell in love

I have been to Calvert cliffs, and flags pond to date, Calvert cliffs being more rewarding and a much easier hike down to the beach ( me and hills don't get along to well. two miles down was easier then the hill at flags pond.) also it seems much of the beach at CC has been blocked off and your not allowed to venture due to hazardous conditions.

so my question is, where is the best places to go?

I know early in the morning is a good time, also low tide, or 2 days after a storm.

the teeth I found were not bigger then a half inch maybe one close to a inch. however I did find two so small that I am surprised I saw them.

any information will be a great help.

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Hi There,

No one is ever going to give up their "honey hole", but as far as the "best" place to go? It's all random chance. You're correct...low tide and storm wash are definitely helpful, but really, it's all just chance. I've seen people pull up larger teeth right in the middle of the beach at Flag Ponds. The best thing to do is to train your eye to look for shapes, texture and color.

Best of luck with your new obsession!


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Brownies beach was better than CC or flag ponds when I lived there. The best way is to hit the beach early and cover ground. the further from the access you go, the less hunted the area is. In the end, it all boils down to time on beach. If you are there enough, eventually you'll hit the jackpot.

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Go to Purse State Park Maryland (Liverpool Point in Nanjemoy) for quantity. Make sure to go during low tide! It's a little off the beaten path but there is a trail (1/4 mile distance) from the small parking lot to the beach.

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I've been to Brownies twice, Calvert Cliffs SP once, and Matoaka once.

Brownies has A LOT of smaller teeth 1/4"-1/2". Also found bone frags, ray plates, etc. If the tide is in, you are very limited on where you can go. If you're out of town and it's summer, you pay a pretty penny to get in.

The searchable area at Calvert Cliffs is very small IMHO. I did not find a single fossil while I was there (admittedly bad tide timing). It's also a very long walk, take water.

Matoaka, there's a lot of beach so you have plenty of sand even when the tide isn't ideal, it just limits how far you can go. I took my screen here and had better luck with it than walking and looking. Believe I found a snaggletooth shark tooth which I hadn't found at Brownies. Also found corals, ray plates, and bone frags here.

My recommendation based on my experience: if you can catch the tide right, go to Brownies. If you can't, go to Matoaka because you can still peruse a lot of beach. I don't see myself ever going back to CC SP.

Flag ponds appears to have a lot of beach also.

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Here's a question for the locals. Are the beaches around Calvert Cliffs going to be crazy labor day weekend or no more than any other weekend? I thought about making a day trip with my son on sunday to hit Brownies and maybe Matoaka. Probably not the cliffs for the simple fact I don't want to wear my son out hiking in and out, he's gotten to big to carry on my shoulders anymore.

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