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North Tx - Type Of Vertebrae And Mystery Bone

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Hi - I found these vertebrae today at a new location and noticed that this set is not the typical disc shape I usually see but each vertebra has an 'extension' on the top end that spans over the next vertebra. Not quite sure how to describe it, I hope the pictures will shed some light. Any idea what this could be from?

post-2271-0-75374200-1437022677_thumb.jpg post-2271-0-95336400-1437022695_thumb.jpg

I also found this piece of bone - maybe the peculiar shape can help with identificiation?

post-2271-0-33121900-1437022739_thumb.jpg post-2271-0-75318400-1437022756_thumb.jpg

As always, any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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Good morning!

Your verts in the first photo are fish. They are right from the base of the tail, hence the projections you mentioned. Judging from the complex pattern on the bones, I think they are from Pachyrhizodus.

Sorry, can't help on the 2nd....

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