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Thin Sections Of Fossil Turritella (Preliminary)

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The linked photos are my first attempt at making thin sections of fossils. I have labelled the presentation as preliminary as I was not confident in grinding a fossil slice to a minimum thickness. The result is the slides are a tad too thick. I will give them a further polish with the 600 grit wheel.

The fossil was cut across the short side to produce two middle slices. The other three are chips from the top and bottom of the specimen.

There are (to me) obvious fossils in the thin sections, but identifying the Turritella is left as an exercise for the observer.

The photos are all stitched from multiple images (36-44) using a 2x objective to show the full specimen.


Microscope: Labomed LB-592
Camera: Canon 5D MkII
Compositing: Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE)

Post processing: Adobe Lightroom

Web page: redrex basic gallery.

Click on the image to see the photos.


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I do like these Green River slabs!

They are mistakenly referred to as Turritella; they are actually Elimia tenera, a fresh water look-alike.

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nice work

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