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Hawthorne Formation, Pleistocene, Summerville, Sc

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Hello! I probably will not be fossil hunting again for a little while as one of my sons is having surgery this week. So we struck out on a trip today. :) We walked in the Edisto around Givhans SP but naturally it's thick with sand. After a quick trip to a nearby cemetery to visit our ancestors from that area, we headed to one of two spots we've done before. That spot was so overgrown it wasn't funny. And looking at the creek, it was very sandy (whereas in May it was far more gravelly). We didn't even bother and moved on to the second site. Lots of small shark teeth, some are truly gorgeous! Some bone (I think) and ray plates. Not sure on all of them. I'll probably spend the next couple of days trying to identify everything before blogging it. Here are some photos of the finds after being rinsed off with clean water.

(Lots of images... Please pardon the ruler being out of frame on some of these - each tick is a millimeter. I had photos with the ruler better shown but I like the images that were closer up for posting.)





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the first is overexposed but it showed the patter on it better than the other photos...

the second is what I thought might be bone but after getting it cleaned up, I'm not so sure.

the third is the other side of what is in the second.

the forth includes half a vertebrae I found.

That's it for the photos. There are plenty more but if anyone needs a new photo with another perspective, let me know. :)





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