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Need Id Please - Fossil Found While Diving Edisto River In S.c.


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Hey everyone, I'm new to this but I was hoping to get your help with an ID for this fossil..

I found it and several neat things diving the Edisto River in SC this past weekend.

Let me know if you need any better pics.

Thanks - Kniero




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Perhaps outdoor (natural) lighting would help. Indoors offer to much shadowing.

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It appears to be a minor loph of an unerupted mastodon tooth. . . that is, an enamel shell of such a loph. I say unerupted because such a loph should be filled with dentin when the tooth is fully developed.

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Thanks for the insight! I'd take better pics if it wasn't the middle of the night :)

Here's some more for your viewing pleasure:

In these brighter images, it appears that the enamel shell is MOL filled in with dentin.

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