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ID requested on Devonian problematica


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Hi all,

As a new member, I would like to share with you all a few pictures I took from an Eifelian limestone I found last sunday near the Couvin area In Belgium. This area is well-know for the abundance of Devonian coral reefs, and it has been studied for many decades.

Although I'm quite familiar with the fossils from this area, I found this odd looking specimen in situ. And I have no clue what it could be.

Could somebody help me with the Identification?

So, long story short:

Location: Couvin (Belgium)

Age: Devonian

Stage: Eifelian

Lithology: Limestone

Facies: Marine coral reef

ID: ?

I hope some of you might help me with the Identification of this organism (Coral? Graptolith?, Algae? Bryozoan?)

Greetings From Belgium



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I think it may be important to have a scale on this.

It's not much more than a guess, but I'm thinking perhaps a dendroid form of graptolite.

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The branching pattern reminds me of certain types of crinoid arms. Is there any way of getting a close up picture showing detail of one of these arms?

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Welcome to the forum! - looks like a double row of zooecia along the branches so I'm going with bryozoan first - but yes, needs a scale.

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I agree. Branched biserial crinoid arms could be a good possibility but the pictures not reveals the necessary details.

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