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A few more Purisima marine mammals


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Here are a few different pieces I picked up near Santa Cruz, hoping to learn a bit more from everyone here and get some help with ID's.

My guess was a smaller marine mammal, maybe a pinniped rib?



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These look to me to be unidentifiable, but then I am not a marine mammal guy.

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Given the wealth of knowledge of the great minds on this forum, I would wager that nothing is unidentifiable :)

To help the cause, here are a few more angles of what I think looks like a vertebrae:



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The first one is a waterworn rib fragment; the second one is a chunk of a baleen whale mandible, the hole in it that is filled with rocky matrix is the foramen for the mandibular artery; the last one is a really large fish bone, based on texture - I'm not certain of the element.

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