Hello everyone, This topic is about an upcoming trip iam getting ready for. Me and my better half are travelling to Asia for a few months to escape and chill out for a while. We are traveling to Nepal, Cambodia and Indonezia. Naturally since ive recently taken up the hobby again, iam going to keep an eye out for fossils. I wanted to see if anyone has any insight about these locations. I found a bunch of ammonite nodules and fragments the last time I was in Nepal. Two pictures below show an ammonite Nodule from the Annapurnas. Still unprepped but will probably prep atleast one side of it. Ill be collecting a few more this time but iam very limited as to how much I can carry. We are doing the Annapurna Circuit again, which is close to 400 km of trecking over the course of a month with a scary high pass over 5000 meters that we have to cross. I wont be able to carry more than a few kg-s at the most. I dont have any information about cambodia, but due to the ever present threat of landmines and other horrors Ill probably not explore the possibilities for Cambodia. Indonezia however ive heard about. I hear some pretty nice fossilised wood comes from Java in Indonezia. Any thoughts or reccomendations concerning this? I cant seem to find too many specifics on this. If there are however places worth checking out we might make a detour. Iam hoping to post some pictures while there and keep this topic alive. We are leaving in the end of February and will be trading the himalayan paths by the second week of march. The Ammonite Nodule from Thorung Pedi close to 5000 meters above sealevel.