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Found two fossils with any distinctive shape this weekend at Swatara State Park in PA. The ridged one I'm thinking is a jumbo crinoid of some sort, but I've never seen one bigger around than a pencil before. It looks like it had concentric rings and the one end seems to show the outline of where the critter stopped and the clay hardened around it. Thoughts?

Also, I spilt this one open and almost missed it because I was looking for something 3D, but it is too regular a pattern to be a random pattern in the mud.

Thanks to anyone who has ideas!





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The photo in the upper right looks more suggestive of trilobite to me. The size is not out of reach for a crinoid, but the composition seems wrong.

The last piece brings to mind layers in similar formations here in Maine that contain the occasional recognizable shell in what has otherwise deteriorated to shapes in concretion.

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The first one looks like a ribbed nautiloid cephalopod of some sort.

The second could be a feeding trace, intriguing shape.

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