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Solnhofen dragonfly - Highlighted or faked?

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Hi all.

I'm interested in getting a Solnhofen dragonfly.

This one caught my eye due to its unique preservation. I'm concerned about its authenticity though.

post-4888-0-23530100-1455728935_thumb.jpg post-4888-0-92950900-1455728937_thumb.jpg post-4888-0-85529700-1455728939_thumb.jpg post-4888-0-19804500-1455728941_thumb.jpg

I'm okay-ish with highlighting, but not if the wings are drawn on. What are your thoughts on this dragonfly here?

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I'll inclined to say real and possibly highlighted. The reddish line through the wings does it for me as well as the ribbing in the wings. The wing tips may have been cleaned up hard to say

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Thank you Frank for your fast response.

Here's one more... an ammonite and a dragonfly on the same plate!


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More realistic no highlights. A fake would not have this on the back. Think it's nice. Let's see what others say

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I think the wings may have been re-shaped a bit, and perhaps some tinting was applied.

I'm a bit leary of the top right wing. Doesn't seem to show the veins in the embossed picture, which I find odd.

Otherwise, the rest of the wings look authentic to me, given the veins that are visible.

See the pics I have played with a bit.







If the price is good, I would consider it.


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The first one is real and has had the wings outlined by removing a fine line of matrix. The dragonfly itself has not been painted but the sealer they sometimes use on these fossils does highlight the natural orange color present due to iron around the previously organic material. The second has not had anything done to it.

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Thank you everyone for your inputs.

I've gotten the specimen in the first post. If you're keen on getting the ammonite+dragonfly plate, let me know. I can pass the seller's contact.

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I've only held one actual Solhofen specimen, also a dragonfly. The imprint, if I can term it as such, and color were not nearly as distinct as yours. Beautiful fossil!

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