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Southeast Texas Fossil ID Assistance Requested


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A few months ago, I traveled to Jasper, Texas for a family event. On the drive home, I took a side road about fifteen minutes North of Jasper and found a creek that looked interesting. The creek was flowing well, and there was a lot of material in the creek bed with water rushing over it. The attached pictures show specimens that I collected from the creek that day. From the locale and appearance, I had thought these to be Palmoxylon. However, in looking at numerous online images, I wasn’t able to find any petrified palm that looked quite like these samples. I’m thinking that this may just be due to these specimens being extremely weathered, but I’m not sure. I would appreciate identification assistance from those of you with more knowledge in this area.


Specimen 1:

post-20688-0-43274800-1456089969_thumb.jpg post-20688-0-83590900-1456089974_thumb.jpg post-20688-0-68041100-1456089979_thumb.jpg

Specimen 2:

post-20688-0-04686800-1456089986_thumb.jpg post-20688-0-17050000-1456089993_thumb.jpg post-20688-0-03188900-1456090000_thumb.jpg

I've run out of room for pictures in this post, so I'll add one more with an additional view of specimen 2.

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I see where you're coming from but as the holes seem to be irregular it might be geological

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You are right, not palm. Were you near a bridge or rock covered embankment? Downstream perhaps? This looks to be a piece of limestone riprap with some calcite in it. Sometimes it contains some fossils of shells. I have a few pieces of these myself and have left quite a few behind as they can be interesting but heavy. I have no idea where they quarry this stuff or if it is even from Texas.

You were in the right area to find some fossil wood. Better luck next time.

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Sorry for the delayed thank you. Between work and some medical issues, I haven't been online much lately. Anyway, thanks very much for your responses. These were indeed located downstream of a small concrete bridge. They didn't seem to be part of a riprap placement, however, as there weren't very many rocks in the area and the bulk of the stream bed was sand. I did find some other small pieces at the same time and location that were definitely petrified wood. I just had no clue what these were, although I agree that they are composed of limestone / calcite. Another interesting thing about these is that the calcite portions fluoresce a really nice green under uv / blacklight.

Thanks again.

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I'm not very sure...But my vote goes to geological.


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Geological (though at first i had a worm tube vibe going),

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