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Raggedy Man

In need of assistance

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Raggedy Man

I have been finishing up searching the Merritt Island micro matrix I acquired from Sacha a few months back. I would love to post my finds, but I'm having compatibility issues with my microscope camera software. The issue is causing focal issues, exposure and minor pixelation. Because of the stipulations regarding this matrix, I feel the need for clear and proper images is a must. I do not want a piece over looked that's of interest to the museum because diagnostic features are obscured due to poor quality images.

I am looking for a member that has the ability to produce remarkable images for micro fossils. I have seen some spectacular posts here that are truly amazing.

What I'm specifically looking for is:

Clear close up images displaying high detail with measurement bars for scale. I would also like images of the specimens in different orientations(ie.front, back, sides).

Compensation is guaranteed and would be shipped with the specimens a long with return postage. I would also send a flash drive for image storage.

Compensation can be in the form of a fossil trade(fossils I've collected+a sample of the same unsearched matrix), cash or a combination of the two, or donation to TFF in your name.

I do understand that this process can take time and have no preconceived notions of a quick return. Quality over quantity!

If this is a task you're up for, feel free to reply and we can discuss this project further.

Best regards,


EDIT: Please be within the continental USA.

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Raggedy Man

No longer in need of assistance. Thanks for the pms everyone.

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