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Permian Cephalopod literature Kazakhstan & Timor

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Dear Forum members,

I have been extending my permian cephalopod collection in the past weeks, but I think that some of the genus and species are incorrect.

Unfortunately I see similar looking cephalopods on the internet with different names, and I can't find good descriptive catalogues of all these permian cephalopods from Kazakhstan and Timor.

Therefore I was wondering on which papers you base your identification.

Thanks in advance,


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These appear to be the must-have references for Permian Timor cephalopods:
Haniel, C.A. (1915)
Die cephalopoden der Dyas von Timor.
Paläontologie von Timor, 3(6):1-153
Smith, J.P. (1927)
Permian ammonoids of Timor.
Jaarboek van het Mijnwezen in Nederlandsch-Indië, 55(1):1-89
This list with updated taxonomy was compiled in:
Charlton, T.R. et al. (2002).
The Permian of Timor: stratigraphy, palaeontology and palaeogeography.
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 20(6):719-774
Adrianites beyrichi (Haniel)
Adrianites cancellatus forma globosa (Haniel)
Adrianites (Crimites) oyensi (Haniel)
Adrianites rothpletzi (Haniel)
Adrianites timorensis (Boehm)
Adrianites timorensis (Boehm) var. involuta Haniel
Adrianites wichmanni (Haniel)
Agathiceras brouweri Smith
Agathiceras globosum (Haniel)
Agathiceras involuta Haniel
Agathiceras martini Haniel
Agathiceras sundaicum Haniel
Arcestes megaphyllus Beyrich
Artinskia simile (Haniel)
Artinskia timorensis (Haniel)
Atsabites sp.
Cyclolobus persulcatus (Rothpletz)
Daraelites submeeki Haniel
Endolobus (Solenocheilus) brouweri Haniel
Eoasianites (Somoholites) beluensis (Haniel)
Eoasianites hanieli (Smith)
Eoasianites somoholense Haniel
Epadrianites involutus Schindewolf
Episageceras nodosum Wanner
Episageceras noetlingi Haniel
Eumedlicottia subprimas Haniel
Gastrioceras angulatum (Haniel)
Gastrioceras beluense Haniel
Gastrioceras hanieli Smith
Gastrioceras melanesianum Smith
Gastrioceras somoholense Haniel
Ghazeloceras? sp.
Hyattoceras subgeinitzi Haniel
Hyattoceras waageni Smith
Jurasinites hanieli Smith
Lecanites pseudo-meneghinii (Haniel)
Lecanites weberi (Haniel)
Marathonites dieneri Smith
Marathonites gracilis Smith
Medlicottia (Artinskia) artiensis Gruenewaldt var. timorensis Haniel
Medlicottia edlicottia magnotuberculata Tschernyschew
Medlicottia orbignyana Vernuil
Medlicottia sp. det. aff. orbignyana Vernuil
Metalegoceras evolutum (Haniel)
Metalegoceras gigas (Smith)
Metalegoceras somoholense (Haniel)
Metalegoceras sundaicum (Haniel)
Metalegoceras tschernyschewi (Karpinsky)
Neopronorites timorensis Haniel
Neostacheoceras hanieli Schindewolf
Neostacheoceras tridens (Rothpletz)
Paragastrioceras? sp.
Paralegoceras australe Smith
Paralegoceras wanneri Smith
Parapopanoceras dyadicum Haniel
Parapronorites timorensis (Haniel)
Peritrochia dieneri Smith
Peritrochia gracilis (Smith)
Peritrochia timorense (Haniel)
Perrinites brouweri Smith
Perrinites subcumminsi (Haniel)
Popanoceras boesei Smith
Popanoceras clausum (Gemmellaro)
Popanoceras indo-australicum Haniel
Pronorites cf. postcarbonarius (Karpinsky)
Pronorites uralensis Karpinsky var. timorensis Haniel
Propinacoceras sp. det. aff. affine Gemmellaro
Propinacoceras insulcatum Haniel
Propinacoceras simile Haniel
Propinacoceras transitorium Haniel
Prostacheoceras dieneri (Smith)
Pseudoschistoceras sp.
Rhiphaeites spp. (2)
Sicanites sp. det. aff. mojsisovicsi Gemmellaro
Sicanites papuanus Smith
Somoholites deroeveri Saunders
Stacheoceras arthaberi Smith
Stacheoceras timorense (Haniel)
Stacheoceras wanneri (Haniel)
Stenopronorites timorensis (Haniel)
Sundaites levis Haniel
Thalassoceras dieneri Smith
Timorites curvicostatus Haniel
Timorites hanieli Smith
Timorites striatus Hanniel
Waagenoceras gemmellaroi Haniel
Waagenoceras intennedium Wanner
Waagenoceras lidacense de Roever
Xenaspis beedei Smith
Xenaspis sp. Wanner
Xenodiscus rotundus Haniel
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Hi Piranha,

Thank you very much for your information!

I know they are not cephalopods, but for Permian Western Timor this might be nice to have; a list of the crinoids and blastoids:


unfortunately no photo's of the fossils are given, but the information might come in handy.



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