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Another early ordovician object - coiled cephalopod?


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Really enjoying participating in this forum! I've found this object in the Cotter/Jefferson City formation in Marion County Arkansas (Ozarks). At the widest point it is 27mm in diameter. From photos of other similar fossils from the early Ordovician it looks like a coiled cephalopod but seems to have a smoother shell than other examples I've seen. The rock structure is really interesting; a real chaotic aggregate. Thanks for any comments!



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Liospira or similar type gastropod impression??

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I agree with gastropod - possibly Ceratopea.

Another LINK.

The rock matrix looks like chert, which is fairly abundant in the formations you mention.

"The fossils known from the Cotter Dolomite are rare, but include gastropods, cephalopods, and reef-building algae."


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