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Albuquerque area, short day trip, sharks teeth

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I am looking for day trips around the Los lunas, Belen, Albuqerque area. With our schedules it needs to be some place I can drive to in 1- 1 1/2 hour if at all possible.

I drive a big van that can't really go four wheeling. I also have three teens.... and teens being teens means I could sure use a good experience for all involved. Shark teeth would be the best, most hoped for option.

Someone I knew one time told me they would go to the end of a certain road in Abq/Rio Rancho and park their car on the mesa. He said they would find shark teeth. Anyone know anything about this?

I've also been digging around on the internet looking for other simple day trips to go looking for fossils.

It sounds like the windmill by San Ysidro might be good.

Otero Canyon sounds like it might be fun as well.

And I've heard mention of places out by Soccorro ?

Any suggestions?

I sure appreciate the help and advice. New to this and just looking to fan an interest in my youngest!

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