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Raggedy Man

I've been bummed for a few months due to software issues and my scope camera. I was using a image box(shoe box with hole cut for camera(phone). I had my first mazon creek coprolite concretion pop last night. I collected it back in 2014 May with a group put together by Charlie(fossil rock pit 2. It's been through well over 150+ freeze thaw cycles. I was extremely excited it decided to open and reveal it's treasures. The treasure was well, poop!

Here is the photo I took in the image box.


The image is dull and well...I wasn't happy. I tried to hold my phone on the eye piece of my scope, but if you've tried this you know the frustration of trying something over and over again, expecting a different result. I took a toilet paper roll and cut off about an inch or so placed it over the eye piece and ended up with this result.


I was fairly pleased with the results I increased magnification further.


The concretion measures 1 inch in diameter.

Overall, I'm very happy about this simple and easy method for taking pictures. The images might not be clear as I had to resize them. Eventually, I will be buying the adapter for my canon.


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Raggedy Man

This one also popped in the same batch from pit 2. I didn't take any pictures of this in the image box as I didn't see a point. Enjoy! If you have any questions about what I did please ask! I'd be happy to help.



Best regards,


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So let me get this straight--you are taking coprolite (fossil poop) photos with the aid of a toilet paper tube--Brilliant! Though this doesn't sound like it I'd say this was thinking outside of the box. Seriously though, the photos look great (and I think you hold the record for freeze-thaw cycling persistence).



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