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As of June 2016 - Site Status?

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Just thought I would check on the status of some known PA sites.

St. Clair: I know that St. Clair is no longer available after speaking with the admin of real-estate from Reading Anthracite. This location is only accessible via permit and only by school children. Has anyone tried behind the Wal-Mart or Home Depot that can report on the situation?

Swatara Park: Is this still producing material? Still a fun trip?

Deer Lake: Has anyone tried this location recently? This used to be pretty good behind a restaurant.

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PA Fossil Finder

As far as I know, the rock piles in Swatara State Park that were producing Ordovician fossils like Cryptolithus and starfish have been completely picked over and disintegrated by erosion (the shale was, apparently, very fragile and was reduced to gravel after the first few winters). I think that some Devonian fossils can still be found, but in the bedrock of the fossil pit in the park. I found a page on the PA DCNR website regarding the fossil pit. Here is what the page has to say about the fossils:

"Update (October 2006) – It didn't take long for 200 cubic yards of rock to disappear (see photo, right). Visitors can expect to see only tiny pieces from the truckloads of fossil rocks that were moved to Swatara State Park. Fossil hunters can still look along the slopes of the site for indigenous fossils of the upper Mahantango Formation. For more information, see the description of the “Suedberg Fossil Site” in the Trail of Geology, Park Guide 16."

This is from a page called "The Swatara Gap Fossil Migration". Here is another great guide to Swatara State Park and it's fossils, the Trail of Geology, Park Guide 16 that was mentioned on the DCNR website for the Swatara fossil pit (note that what is said of the Martinsburg Formation fossils is no longer true, there is no legal place to dig directly into the Martinsburg Fm. bedrock).

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