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amateur curious of what these are


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From New Brunswick Canada.

I saw these.

One appears to be bamboo looking.

The other was big rock on ground with what appeared to be footprints of different size.

The larger one was no bigger than palm of hand.

Besides footprint, something almost look like dog or pig head.

Was just curious to know if they were actually fossils.

the bamboo pic didn't load. I will have to add new topic.

sorry am new


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These are geologic features, not fossils. But very beautiful formation. May be some tiny embedded fossil fragments, but I can't make them out.

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I don't see any fossils, or traces of ancient life in this rock. It looks like mudstone. In ancient times it was likely some mud on the bottom or on the shore of a lake, and it turned to stone. So it is worth looking at the surface of rocks like this to see if there are fossils or tracks, but I see none here.

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