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Found in Guernsey, Wyoming area. Shake rock. About 1 inch long. If you notice, in the rock within the fossil has small line imprints. Assuming a crayfish, but is incomplete. Also on the same chunk of rock, a small (not even a centimeter) fossil that appears to have rings. Possible shell? Rock has tiny fragments of same red fossil scattered on it.



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welcome. your second picture does appear to be a bivalve. I'm stumped on your first item.

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Hi, and welcome from Casper. The second one is a brachiopod, which is similar to bivalve. Do a google image search for brachiopod. Don't look for red images, but rather the shape. the red color is pretty unusual and fun. The 'crayfish' is possibly a section through a crinoid column. Tough to tell. If you ever get to Casper, feel free to bring these by the Tate Museum and I will have a look in person, which is usually much better than photos. (Unless of course I am out and about).

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