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fossils found in Charlestown SC


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I'm trying to figure out what each of these are from. I found them in a ditch roughly 50 feet down, in Charleston South Carolina. all within a mile of eachother. Any help would be great! Thank you.





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1 looks like a great white based on the coarse serrations; however there is a possibility that it could be meg or angustidens

2 has a bourlette. This is most likely meg or angustidens.

3 and 8 are Requim sharks. Pinning down to species will be very difficult.

Can you provide additional photos of 4? It is difficult to see if there are serrations or if it is water worn

5 is a part of a meg.

6 looks like a mako.

I am thinking that 11 could be meg and 12 looks like a great white.

14 is a shark vertebral centrum. It is of the scyliorhinid form. I am not sure how to get any more specific than that or if it is even possible.

15 looks like a piece of a large tooth, however more pictures are needed.

The other items I am not sure about. Your non shark tooth could be horse, but that is only a guess.

Great finds! I love hunting down there!

P.s. Based on the condition of most of the fossils here I am only certain of the id of 3, 5, 8 and 14. I am fairly confident on the others, but I could be wrong without seeing them in person.

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13 is horse :)

Nice finds!

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Picture 2,3,4 - #1 - horse lower cheek tooth.
Picture 2,3,4 - #5 - shark vertebra, althrough there is no ruler/scale for reference.

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