A member of the forum asked if I cam put a topic together to help identify claws from the Hell Creek/Lance formation.   Its fraught with difficulty since so little has been published and described from these faunas but will attempt to put something together.  All subject to discussion and mistakes.        Although the focus there is with the dinosaurs of the Upper Maastrichtian its applicable to most of the other faunas of the Campanian and Lower Maastrichtian ages.     Ceratopsian indet.    This family of dinosaurs include Triceratops, Torosaurus and other large bodied Ceratopsaian yet to be described.   Identifying unguals to a Genus/Species level is impossible and these are best identified as Ceratopsian indet.   Ceratopsian unguals are best described as being rugose with many pits/holes on the front perimeter of the ungual.  There is also a ledge (more pronounced on some than others) on the ventral side as shown by my red marks.    I find it difficult to tell the difference between hand and foot unguals of the same size other than the wings are not has pronounced.   The more symmetrical the wings are the closer the ungual is to the midline Digit III.     Photos are the best way to show what they look like and here are some from my collection Dorsal view Ungual 1   Ventral View Ungual 1   Dorsal View Ungual 2   Ventral View Ungual 2   Dorsal View Ungual 3   Ventral View Ungual 3   An illustration of a Hand (Manus)   A photo of a composite foot   Leptoceratops indet.   A small Ceratopsian in these faunas is a Leptoceratops.   Teeth are the most common material found or sold but there are skeletal elements found.   Here is an ungual I found in the Hell Creek.   The dorsal view is like an isosceles triangle and very compressed.     Dorsal View   Ventral View   Since these are extremely rare here is an additional photo of a associated set of unguals from the Two Medicine Formation   An illustration of an campanian foot   An illustration of a digit.