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Gay Head Cliffs, Aquinnah, MA

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About 3"X2"X1.25"

Found in a friend's yard, a friend who collects fossils.

He doesn't remember where he got it.

But it is most likely from the Miocene Greeensands of the Gay Head Cliffs, and represents some bone of a marine mammal.

The end is extremely smooth and shiny, looks a lot like a bone. It is a heavy chunk of rock.

A seal bone? Small whale?

This 1934 study is the best reference that I've found for the 100-million year old geology of the Gay Head Cliffs where bones of a camel and a horse were found in a glacial era deposit, and many marine fossils have been found in the greensands.






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It seems geologic to me, but the aspect of that inner shape looks different from the other parts of the piece, so wait for more knowledgeable's opinion.

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