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Santa Cruz County Hunt

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Hey everyone,


Zach from San Francisco here. I am a new member and very new to fossil hunting. I introduced myself in the Introduction sub-forum (Herpetologist turned Fossil-hunter from San Francisco).


I decided to check out a few known marine fossil locality in Santa Cruz County after searching for and photographing the native Legless Lizards (Anniella pulchra) this weekend. I failed to check the tides, so I only had a little access to the bluffs and coastal sites. Nothing too crazy, but a decent start (in my opinion) to my new found hobby of "rock-hounding". 


I attached the photos. If anyone in the SF Bay Area wants to go fossil hunting, I would love to join! I can exchange herpetological knowledge and show some local species of snakes, lizards, turtles, and amphibians if you would like!


First photo is a typical Anneilla pulchra (California Legless lizard) from the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area. Second photo is one of the "better" (I know, it is not much) pieces I found.




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Love those lizards!

Not a bad first find either.



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