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Fossil hunting site in Nepal

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Hi all,


I have an opportunity to go to Nepal and be there for 3 months, so I was wondering is there any good place for fossil hunting?



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hi,i think there is almost everywhere good for fossil hunting...just tough...have a nice trip..

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I have heard that the banks of the Gandaki River in Nepal are sacred to Hindus thanks to their large and diverse quantities of shaligrams (:ammonite01:), which are considered to be symbols of Vishnu; the best area to find these is at the city of Muktinath. In fact, a lot of Nepal was once Cretaceous seabed; the site I mentioned was just one of the more notable sites.


If you are planning to hunt on the riverbanks, I would suggest taking a sifter and a rock hammer to split apart rocks.


Here are some articles on this:







Edit: Here's also a trekking plan that involves fossil collecting : http://www.nepaltrekkingplanner.com/fossil-collection-in-nepal/


And a FossilForum topic which contains some more info on this:


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