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South Eastern NY M. Devonian

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Many thanks to Stingray and Jeffrey P. for the opportunity to collect; they have wonderful finds from this trip. Gordon

ID's are on a "looks like" basis.


Goniafora hamiltonensis

0116 Goniafora hamiltonensis.jpg


Mytilarca pyramidata

0116 Mytilarca pyramidata.jpg


Paleoneilo filosal


0116 Paleoneilo filosa single.jpg


See ID section "Middle Devonian Shell"

0116 big3.jpg


Paleoneilo emarginata

0116 Paleoneilo emarginata.jpg



0116 big2.jpg





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Very nice finds, Gordon - good variety of bivalves. 

The last unidentified one looks like Modiomorpha sp.

Paleozoic pelecypods don't get much love or exposure, here on the Forum. :)

Glad to see you and Jeffery combating that.

Thanks for posting.  


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Hi Gordon. Thanks for posting this. It was a great site and a great time with you and Chris. A very diverse bivalve population, plus gastropods and other treats. Really lucked out with the weather. They were predicting 100% chance of rain, but the rain stopped before we arrived and later the sun came out. A couple NYS Troopers were also positive companions displaying curiosity and support. The site, which is located near Wurtsboro (Sullivan Co.) NY. is, I believe, the Mount Marion Formation. Here's a couple of my bivalve finds. I'll be adding some gastropod pics later. By the way, those Goniophora rock!!!


Pseudoaviculopecten princeps and Cimitaria recurva



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Great finds by all Gordon and Jeff! I was going to comment that the rock and preservation looked like the Skaneateles formation but perhaps that is equivalent to the Mount Marion formation. 

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Hi everybody. As promised here are a couple more photos of finds from Monday's trip. These are gastropods:

The first is a Platyceras. The second one is a chunk of siltstone with at least three gastropods and parts of bivalves. The gastropods I have not been able to identify.



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They don't get much love but I am one who appreciates seeing them. (Gastros too)

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