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plant or insect?

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I found this on a rock pile on an upstate (Palmyra area) New York farm.   Glacial drumlins run north south.  I have no training or experience infossil id but my biology background sees a nut/seed pod or a larvae/cocoon.  Teardrop on one end and attachment? on the other.  Can you help me id this? 



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What you found is a septarian nodule. Here's one I found several months back. Those lines are are actually calcite. You can see the calcite in the photos you uploaded.



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What is the size of the item?

I agree, it appears to be some sort of nodule or concretion. 

Sometimes, nodules can contain fossils inside.


Might be worth it to eithe split it or freeze/thaw it open. :)


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She states its about 12" long.  If this were a seed, I think you would have the makings of a "body Snatcher" movie.  You can try the freeze/ thaw trick as stated above, nothing to lose by experimenting.

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